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Claudio Sanchez is the gorgeous & ridiculously talented lead singer/guitar player for the best band in the world, (progressive rock) Coheed and Cambria. Born March 12, 1978. He writes the story behind Coheed and Cambria and is not only an amazing wide-ranged vocalist, but an eloquent writer as well. People often take cheap shots at the beautiful Claudio by comparing him to a female, but it really doesn't matter because they're not the ones with 11003294328493's of fans.
"duhuhuh claudio sanchez sounds like a girl"
"why don't you try singing that high"
*snaps vocal cords and dies*
"fucking faggot. coheed forever."
by ambellina August 15, 2006
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The brilliant hispanic lead singer of coheed and cambria, he is very talented at guitar and especially singing, i love his high pitched womanly voice, and did i mention his poofy hair it rules and also looks like a davey crocket hat when in a ponytail.
"Panic stirred me awakened by a ringing phone in time."
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The most brilliant and beautiful lead singer of coheed and cambria. He has the most amazing voice, sweet personality, and gorgeous hair.
Girl1: did you see coheed and cambria last week?

Girl2: yes, and i almost died when i saw claudio sanchez play the double-necked guitar!!!!

Girl3: total f*cking orgasm when he played that solo behind his head...
by blufaerie August 01, 2006
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The lead singer of one of the greatest bands ever! and also a very well energized lead to coheed and cambria. He impress all with his abilitly to play coheeds conventionally unstructured music, lead guitar, and sing (at a very high range) at the same time. Also write all the music and lyrics for the band too!

Many criticize Claudio for his high pitched vocals (and although someone has already mentioned this) have you ever tried singing in that key, not that friggin easy eh? and also outside of the singing he actually realyl has a low voice. Also remember that coheed is all about the story, the voice could always be a way to portray the story to the listener.
cool kid: Fuck yeah! you can play guitar and sing just like claudio sanchez, i want to be just like him

dumb-ass kid: I hate this band, the singer has too high of a voice!
by James TH March 21, 2007
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"You call that poofing? Let a pro show you how it's done." *snap* ... *POOFSPLOSION*
by Skiba February 28, 2005
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