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Claudio Sanchez is the gorgeous & ridiculously talented lead singer/guitar player for the best band in the world, (progressive rock) Coheed and Cambria. Born March 12, 1978. He writes the story behind Coheed and Cambria and is not only an amazing wide-ranged vocalist, but an eloquent writer as well. People often take cheap shots at the beautiful Claudio by comparing him to a female, but it really doesn't matter because they're not the ones with 11003294328493's of fans.
"duhuhuh claudio sanchez sounds like a girl"
"why don't you try singing that high"
*snaps vocal cords and dies*
"fucking faggot. coheed forever."
by ambellina August 15, 2006

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They're seriously, the best, most original, talented band in the world. Coheed and Cambria is often called emo, but when you actually READ their lyrics (besides The fucking Suffering and A Favor House Atlantic), they're a concept band with this complicated at times but thrilling story of Coheed & Cambria, two IRO-Bots created along with Jesse - one put on each corner of the Keywork (order of the planets with large power transformers) to watch the mages because the humans teaming up with the prise was a useless alliance. The story has heavy sci-fi influences and involves alot of heartbreak and dying. Alot of people tend to take cheap shots at Claudio Sanchez's majestic and beautiful voice (but, I'd like to see the people making those shots sing that high) because Coheed is incredibly successful and probably one of the most positively (and sometimes negatively.. haterrrs) discussed bands in music today.
hardcore coheed lover: "you mean coheed and cambria.. the best in the world.. and it's the suffering.." *looks deep into their maniacle eyes that just say "i'm ignorant!" and by the power of the Almighty God Claudio Sanchez who founded the planets and arranged the stars to his majestic liking, causes their lungs to immediately stop operating*
mTV ass: *diesss*
by ambellina August 12, 2006

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An amazing band often envied and titled "overrated" only because of their major success. Definitely one of the greatest bands of all time and immensely contagious, The Red Hot Chili Peppers have pioneered through decades of change and will very likely always be a remnant of what music once was. & to that one kid that was like "why do they always write about sex!!!1111"
They can write about what they want, if you have to now choose carefully what you write songs about, then what's happening to music now?
"The Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to our town!"
"I just pissed!!"
by ambellina August 12, 2006

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