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Someone or something that represents godly and strong. A person of this quality is brave, mentally strong - though they may not show it often, trusting, handsome, not very sexually experienced but a great lover, and is there for anyone that needs him/her.

A thing of this quality is usually fun, awesome, and something you had a good experience with. It also shows something that you want or like to have.
Oh God Claudio was so romantic!
by Vita D'or March 21, 2011
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A straight up bawla that is amazing at every sport. He is the one with the most assists on every team of every sport, and he can score too. This is one of those people that are one of a kind, and will always mind fuck you with everything he says. He is also super tall and makes awesome jokes. Also whenever you beat him at anything he will say it was luck, but the one time he beats you he will go crazy saying that he is amazing and that you suck.
You see Claudio
Me: Hey did you see my nasty goal yesterday?
Claudio: It was good.... But not as good as my three nasty assits!!!
by NickJorge January 20, 2013
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Name of the coolest, hottest, tightest guy I know.
Jicila luvs one of her best friends. His name is CLAUDIO.
by Jicila July 26, 2003
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name for someone who provides an endless supply of quotable quotes that have a humor value independant of the speaker's level of inebriation
" it has four engines... i mean seats " ~claudio
by kozak October 19, 2003
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*Typical "Italian-fantasy-guy" name
*The first love that some girl met in an art museum in Italy when she was 16. Follows him around the world via e-mails to meet agin 4 years later in New York like in the movie "An Affair to Remember"...only without the crippled legs.
*also see; "Fabio"...twin brother with Typical "Italian-fantasy-guy" name.
crystal~"oh, that's a picture of Claudio". Heidi~"wow, he's hot...does he have a brother?" Crystal~"Yeah, his name is Fabio" Heidi~"I wanna go to Italy!"
by Crystal May 19, 2004
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The one I know who used to be my friend is a total ass who thinks he is better than you. I basically consider him and his newly found online “girlfriend” Wapanese. He sells his friends out to game tournaments and looses thusly only to meet his “girlfriend” for the first time. To impress her, he bought a skateboard, and he doesn’t even use it outside, he “practices” inside. Soon he’ll get a snowboard and “practice” Snowboarding inside as well.

To describe him, let’s just say he has played the Sonic games a bit too much, and dyes his hair blue and wears only red shoes. He also tries to act like Sonic and try to race you, yet he was the one who sat on his fat ass and played only video games while you were taking Track and whoop his ass at every challenge. Long Story Short, a wannabe who thinks he is better than you, when even a 3 year old is better than him. The person above me is also right I seriously hope he becomes “homosexually inclined”.
Me: Look there is Claudio with his slutty online girlfriend
friend: Yeah I hope the same thing that happend last time happens again.
Me: Then he'll come crawling back like the little bitch he is >:D
by SCANK March 28, 2005
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