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People who steal other words to become more recorgnized. They then accuse modern liberalism of stealing their word.
1. Hi, I'm a classic liberal, but I'll call myself a libertarian even though I know the origins of the word come from anti-capitalists

2. Hello, it's me again, the classic liberal. This time I'm gonna call myself an "anarcho-capitalism", because anarchism is cool and I love capitalism. I'm also oblivious to the fact that anarchism generally rejects capitalism and that "anarcho-capitalism" is actually an oxymoron.
by Insaniac82 April 29, 2008
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Those who want true freedom and don't want to harm anyone nor want government dictating their lives.
Phoney "modern" liberals stole this name in order to sound like they have a just cause, which of course is not true.
Classic Liberals are trying to make things a better place. Some people now call them Conservatives, but they aren't always the stuff starched shirt types.
Modern "liberals" are evil people who belong to groups like NAMBLA.
by Just saying the truth October 09, 2003
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