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Beth moved in on Brian when Megan was trying to hit on him; it was a definite clamjam.
by Sydney Banks May 25, 2006
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(n.) - the female version of a cock block; when a girl sabotages another girl's attempt to get some.
"This guy was hitting on me last night and asked me home, but Cara was being super clingy and made me leave with her instead; whatta clam jam!"
by garry larry July 01, 2013
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-noun, verb, clam jamming, clam jammed

1) noun.
A gathering that is predominantly female. The opposite of sausage fest.

2) noun. (clam-jammed)
A female cock block
Example 1: The Lilith Fair music festival is a giant clam-jam.

Example 2: I almost hooked up with that girl last night, but I got clam-jammed by her friend.
by Mestas May 26, 2011
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If you're familiar with the term "Cock Block," you know that it means one dude messed up another dude's game with the ladies. Well, this happens to girls too. And we (most of us) don't have cocks.

If you've ever been obviously checking out a guy and then your friend decides to "claim" him by walking up to him and touching his polo shirt and exclaiming, "I'm soooo drunk right now omg!"- you've been clam jammed.

If you've ever been hitting it off with a guy and then you tell him his pong game is weak, you've been clam jammed.. by yourself, I might add.
by KateSauce January 27, 2008
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to keep a woman from getting laid, the female version of a cock block
Tina thought she had this guy at a party, but her friend completely clam jammed her by mentioning she was pregnant in front of him.
by Billheimer December 10, 2008
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