12 definitions by Whiteboy B

Cooler air temps over warming landmasses causes the condensation of the Boobsweats.
That lady didn't think of the Humidititty level when she picked that shirt today. Boobsweats are commonly referred to a Humidititties.
by Whiteboy B February 27, 2019
A term for an ugly person.
You must have Zachary disease, because your face looks Zachary like your ass.
by Whiteboy B February 17, 2019
Declaration made when a high five is missed, or the combo five is awkward, off, or just plain janky.
Ricky declared "Whitefive!" When he completely missed the high five, then botched the follow up dap, bap, "bones it", the "lock it in and put the chain on it".
by Whiteboy B February 25, 2019
The female of the species uses a variant of the male cockblock known as the Clamjam.
First of all Cindie, you totally Clamjammed Becky at Fridays party.
by Whiteboy B February 27, 2019
A pole routine involving 2 strippers, where stripper #1 is inverted, legs spread in a V and Stripper #2 stands on the legs of #1 rhythmically bouncing up and down, moving them both down the pole like letting a car down off a bumper jack.
Champagne and Passion took 1st place in the Stripolympics by executing a flawless Polish Bumper Jack, and then sticking the landing.
by Whiteboy B February 25, 2019
A person who sleeps with another for a place to live.
She's not in love, she's avoiding homelessness living as a hobosexual.
by Whiteboy B March 13, 2019
Kleptodouchery is Far beyond normal douchebag behavior and mixed with penchant for stealing, the KDbag will take small things that are a big deal only to the level of aggravating or inconveniencing.
He's on his Kleptodouchery bullshit again, mfr took my balmex.
by Whiteboy B February 27, 2019