Someone who can tell the color of an m&m just by tasting it.
Teacher: What the hell are you doing?
Student: I'm trying to see if I can guess what color I'm eating without using my eyes. I want to see if I'm Color Clairvoyant.
by marlasinger January 31, 2007
While in mid fart, the ability to cease and desist immediately on sensing the oncoming of the shart.
If it wasn't for my anal clairvoyance, I would have shit down both legs just now.
by Itchyasisaur June 10, 2014
A psychic & clairvoyant that does not buy into the stereotypes of a typical psychic. No crystal balls or fake persona. A spiritual coach that provides insight through reading energy while providing life tools through energetic means.
She's the real deal, a true Urban Clairvoyant
I prefer an urban clairvoyant over the traditional psychic. I feel I am speaking to a real person that can relate to me!
by sexy intuite September 22, 2011
A heightened state of mind achieved just after the male orgasm. Effects include: Being able to finally understand your maths homework, logically deducing your life choices as well as understanding nietzsche.
Jack: "Yo Barney, how did Karl do so well in maths?"
Barney: "I heard he shagged Stacy before the test, it's probably Post Nut Clairvoyance."
by SmegmaBullet January 21, 2019
1. A mind capable of not just seeing the future, but also manipulating time and matter--and the ability to summon Oreos.
"EXCUSE ME Jericho, for not possessing the kind of clairvoyant space brain necessary to instinctively know something that has never until this point been mentioned, and indeed will never be used again!"
by Robert Deagle January 30, 2008
When you got an STD and it doesn’t affect you
“What does clairvoyant mean?”

“You know.. uh... when you got an STD and it doesn’t affect you”
by UnconvincingGayGuy November 4, 2019