circle jerkS.notice the capital s,was and still is a band the early eighties.not the 90's.dont try to be old school if your not.
i own golden shower of hits by the CIRCLE JERKS.
by i hate trendy people March 24, 2005
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We're all aware of the original definition, BUT after many irritating experiences running...

A circle jerk is the group of people who do not move out of your way to let you pass when you are running circular tracks. Furthermore, they may, on purpose, bump into you to throw you off your rhythm.

Start using it if you suffer from this problem. It's very
Bluntly: "Fucking circle jerks"
Secretive: *underbreath* "Fucking Circle Jerks"

One day I'm going to carry a 2 X 4 to knock those circle jerks on their ass for a change
by Cajun December 04, 2005
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there are many definitions of circle jerk, but one of the unknown ones is that a circle jerk is a man who finds a group of lesbians at a party or club, and watches them freak, and the guy jacks off and gets horny. (my friend told me about this one.)
i dont know wut to write for an example...lol
by xX LiZZiE Xx August 25, 2004
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To do the popular dance The Jerk, in a subway with a group of atleast 3 people, while chanting "Circle jerk! Circle jerk!" enthusiastically.
It is an extremely cool way to seem sophisticated in the subway situation.
1. Stef and Ali yelled at the passangers to circle jerk with them!
2. You can't circle jerk alone.
3."You're a jerk"
-"I know"

"So let's circle jerk!"
by DoubletroubleA March 01, 2010
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The process of a bunch of annoying ass Asians from RMS furiously masturbating each other. They do this in an attempt to feel like they're super cool KPOP stars, but in reality, they just come off as fucking stupid. They enjoy blindlessly jerking each other, never missing an opportunity to pounce on any unconfirmed rumor and render it as fact. If you get caught inside this unstoppable circle jerk, you're fucked.
Andrew: Holy SHIT! I heard Sally and Sam are going out.
Andrew: *posts 20+ facebook statuses about sally+sam

Sam: Holy shit, what a circle jerk.
by CircleJerk May 13, 2014
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