A smelly but really important part to our body. It's as important as heart.
Guys are often attracted to girl's feet.
by Celest98 July 20, 2022
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guardian of the ten toes, protected by your hairy fat legs.
hey man what are those?
oh feet, the guardian of the toes, and it's protected by your hairy fat legs.
by Weird definitions April 29, 2021
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The highest part of your body when you are doing a handstand.
I am left-feeted.
by Mike Sergio Loecher November 21, 2002
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The most pristine part of the human body. They are essential for using shoes, and that means you can wear the brand new shrek crocs your parents got you during the back to school sale.
Clint Stevens: "Wow I totally really like feet"
Everyone who watches Clint Stevens: "Hahaha feet lol"
by Pistachio Ice Cream September 3, 2018
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It used to be a body part at the very bottom of your body that helps you move around but now its a weird fetish that is getting more popular by the minute.
Person 1:my feet help me walk around yay!

Person 2: no, your feet is a sexual symbol and it makes me horny just looking at them lemme lick
by an anonymous girl_ZaX December 27, 2017
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Feet is something that people like to look at. they are very pleasing to look at even though they can be dirty. They smell really good
Feet are awsome
by Inside ur mom April 18, 2023
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Something you photograph to get money at onlyfans.
Person 1: How did you get so much money this week?
Person 2: The people at onlyfans are in love with my feet.
by earthishell May 13, 2022
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