A phone company that nobody seems to know whether it's really good or really bad because everyone is on crack.
Guy 1: Cingular sucks! It's screwing up my life!

Guy 2: I love Cingular! I masturbate to it every day!
by Cheez Wizz October 26, 2005
The first-ever cellular phone provider. Cingular was originally known as Cellular One. Recently purchased AT&T Wireless to be the largest cell phone provider in the country with nearly 50 million subscribers.

Cingular is a GSM provider in the United States.
"Cingular's logo is called Jack."
by Dan June 3, 2005
Lowest dropped calls my fucking ass.
Me: "Hey, Jeff?"

Jeff: Hey, what's u-"

Me: "WTF! i've been raped by cingular again!"
by Ben September 13, 2006
1 - A mobile phone operator in the United States of America. Currently for voice operates GSM 850 and 1900 service, with a larger 850 footprint. Cingular also offers D-AMPS TDMA and AMPS analogue capability, although thse networks will be turned off in 2008. 3g UMTS, for example is the next evolution of their network - relying on W-CDMA in conjunction with the GSM associations specifications on the UMTS standard.

The company aquired AT&T Wirelss in 2004, thus posessing a substantially larger tower-base than they had previously.

Cingiuar Wireless has roaming aggreements with T-Mobile, but only for T-Mobile customers to access the Cingular network. Currently, Cingular wireless seem to be a "love it or hate it" mobile operator: Many blindly love it, many blindly hate it because they aren't willing to spend more than five minutes to solve a problem, or are in an area with poor coverage to begin with. And wonder why their mobiles do not work well.

Like its competitors, Cingular is consistently slandered by users who expect a mobile phone to be 100% crystal-clear at all times, with no dropped calls, no digital garble, and the realiability of a land line mobile. Yet, with over 50 million subscribers, it seems to maintain the largest footprint in the US.

a - My Cingular mobile seems to allow me to actually use OBEX file transfer. What? What do you mean your Verizon is crippled?

b - I get reception in the basement of my house with Verizon, but not Cingular.

c - Cingular sucks! This seems to be a phrase that is repeated by people who have never even used the service in the North East...

d - Cingular is the best! They rock my socks off! Fanboyism, perhaps?
by anonmpeg5522 July 31, 2006
When the spongey tissue in your penis becomes engorged with blood and erect in the act of "raising the bar."
Guy 1: "Yo dude, that chick is sooo hot she's giving me a boner."

Guy 2: "Forget your boner man, she's giving me a cingular!"
by Fraan February 20, 2005
*Bob turns on t.v.*
T.V. AD: Did you know that Cingular has over 50 billion customers?
by Bujbegure July 7, 2006
A poor excuse for a cell phone company that always drops call, has the smalled calling range and largest black out areas
Stupid Cingular it dropped my call again.
by lo_fi April 28, 2005