A phone company that nobody seems to know whether it's really good or really bad because everyone is on crack.
Guy 1: Cingular sucks! It's screwing up my life!

Guy 2: I love Cingular! I masturbate to it every day!
by Cheez Wizz October 26, 2005
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The first-ever cellular phone provider. Cingular was originally known as Cellular One. Recently purchased AT&T Wireless to be the largest cell phone provider in the country with nearly 50 million subscribers.

Cingular is a GSM provider in the United States.
"Cingular's logo is called Jack."
by Dan June 02, 2005
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Lowest dropped calls my fucking ass.
Me: "Hey, Jeff?"

Jeff: Hey, what's u-"

Me: "WTF! i've been raped by cingular again!"
by Ben September 12, 2006
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1 - A mobile phone operator in the United States of America. Currently for voice operates GSM 850 and 1900 service, with a larger 850 footprint. Cingular also offers D-AMPS TDMA and AMPS analogue capability, although thse networks will be turned off in 2008. 3g UMTS, for example is the next evolution of their network - relying on W-CDMA in conjunction with the GSM associations specifications on the UMTS standard.

The company aquired AT&T Wirelss in 2004, thus posessing a substantially larger tower-base than they had previously.

Cingiuar Wireless has roaming aggreements with T-Mobile, but only for T-Mobile customers to access the Cingular network. Currently, Cingular wireless seem to be a "love it or hate it" mobile operator: Many blindly love it, many blindly hate it because they aren't willing to spend more than five minutes to solve a problem, or are in an area with poor coverage to begin with. And wonder why their mobiles do not work well.

Like its competitors, Cingular is consistently slandered by users who expect a mobile phone to be 100% crystal-clear at all times, with no dropped calls, no digital garble, and the realiability of a land line mobile. Yet, with over 50 million subscribers, it seems to maintain the largest footprint in the US.

a - My Cingular mobile seems to allow me to actually use OBEX file transfer. What? What do you mean your Verizon is crippled?

b - I get reception in the basement of my house with Verizon, but not Cingular.

c - Cingular sucks! This seems to be a phrase that is repeated by people who have never even used the service in the North East...

d - Cingular is the best! They rock my socks off! Fanboyism, perhaps?
by anonmpeg5522 July 30, 2006
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When the spongey tissue in your penis becomes engorged with blood and erect in the act of "raising the bar."
Guy 1: "Yo dude, that chick is sooo hot she's giving me a boner."

Guy 2: "Forget your boner man, she's giving me a cingular!"
by Fraan February 19, 2005
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*Bob turns on t.v.*
T.V. AD: Did you know that Cingular has over 50 billion customers?
by Bujbegure July 07, 2006
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A poor excuse for a cell phone company that always drops call, has the smalled calling range and largest black out areas
Stupid Cingular it dropped my call again.
by lo_fi April 28, 2005
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