1.a ghetto cigar, sometimes spelled "cigurr."

2.a celtic (irish) person who tries to be black
1.Man, them gangsters be puffin on ciggers.

2.We knew he was a cigger when he started saying "all ME bitches and ME hoes"
by the magical fairy of hugs April 19, 2004
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(.N)1. A non black individual who feels superior and hatred towards the black race.

2. An ignorant person who believes all black people are idiots by stereotypes. This mostly happen because they are not optimistic and have been taught to hate the ebonic race
1. A black male from high school shared a summary on black history month. While reading the summary, the boy was interrupted by a white student and yells out an obscene name .

White Boy: "Niggers"

This make him a cigger.

2. The Cigger called a black girl a "Nigger" because she stood up against racism.
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by T.N.G. February 18, 2017
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