The term for a posh homosexual
Often male
"Ethan is a cigar"
by Emsie2442 October 23, 2019
The situation that arises toward the end of a night of clubbing, when the last of everyone's cigs are counted out & divided evenly amongst your buds (See Socialism.) until enough change can be gathered for a new pack.
Example: We were running low on smokes as were a few of our friends. I realized we were having a "cigaration" & spread the word for my buddies to pitch in.
by Shayla Eaton January 11, 2014
it is a smoking product that some people can mistake for a penis.
"sometimes a cigar is a cigar, yeah and sometimes its a big brown dick!" -George Carlin
by my foot= in your ass May 31, 2005
One who thinks the more smoke he filled the hut with the more fish he will catch, when icefishing.
John is being such a cigar today, and it's actually working for a change.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
Huge non-filtered pieces of rolled tobacco (tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves) that are heavy in nicotine and in large numbers can kill you.
Hey, man, don't smoke that bigass cigar. Here, have a cigarette.
When you come close to something but don't quite get there.

Just short of success

This phrase originated in the 1920's. Fair grounds would give cigars away as prizes. Prizes were more aimed at the adults then vs. children like they are now. The fair workers would shout out "close but no cigar".... The first written documentation of this word appeared in the 1930's and then became a common phrase.
You finish second in a race
A friend asks how you did
You tell them "I finished in second place, close but no cigar"
by BBJ24 June 5, 2015
There was an article in the New York Post that claimed Fidel Castro gave the ol' flesh cigar to 35 000 women.
by SafeHouse October 9, 2010