One who thinks the more smoke he filled the hut with the more fish he will catch, when icefishing.
John is being such a cigar today, and it's actually working for a change.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
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a slang word for a thick, long, cigar shaped turd or fecal matter
My dog left a cigar on the floor of my mom's room.
by jizzhooligans September 14, 2006
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Huge non-filtered pieces of rolled tobacco (tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves) that are heavy in nicotine and in large numbers can kill you.
Hey, man, don't smoke that bigass cigar. Here, have a cigarette.
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A slang word for a tampon.
I was embarrassed when my lover asked me to pick up a box of cigars for her at the store.
by Libertine October 04, 2005
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shorthand for Chinese Girls Addicted to Retromud; quiet reticent females strangely addicted to text based online role playing games; known to ignore reality for countless consecutive hours.
Like it did for Bill Clinton, a cigar will screw you over.
by dv June 05, 2003
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