One of the best flavored cigars, made by Drew Estates. Kahlua cigars are made with Nicaraguan tobacco. Kahlua cigars have a distinctive coffee-liqueur flavor which sets them apart from any other premium brand. The coffee-liqueur flavor of Kahlua creates an unforgettable smoking experience.

As of March 2008, Drew Estates announced that they will stop production of the Kahlua cigar. Although you can still find them in some places (mostly online), they were replaced by the Tabak Especial cigar, which has a similar flavor.
Dude, Kahlua cigars were amazing, I wish they still made them.

Even though Tabak Cigars are good, there's no replacement to the original Kahlua. They do taste different.
by osiris010 March 08, 2009
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1> The act of defecating

2> Poopin'

3> Taking a dump

4> Donating a loaf to John's Charity

5> Shitting

6> Baking a Cake

7> Backing up the truck
Man on toilet: "YO!!! You should fuckin' knock before you barge into the bathroom! I'm cutting a cigar in here!"

Man barging in bathroon: Sorry dude
by JEUNT August 12, 2011
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A cigarette when smoked under “Field” conditions. The phase was coined by Lt Col Douglas Genereux while on an exercise in Beaufort County, S.C.. When asked if he would like a smoke and no cigars were available his reply was simply, “Sure, I’ll have a field cigar” and accepted a cigarette
When we are finished putting up this hooch, let’s have a field cigar.
by dgen6 October 13, 2011
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In polite after dinner conversation; a stool or dump.
"well, if you will excuse me ladies, i think I'll nip upstairs and light a bum cigar"
by Martin Duxon August 06, 2003
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A really cheap brand of cigarette/cigars that have alot of different flavors and have good tasting cigarettes.
Person #1: Are you smoking those cheyenne cigars?

Person #2: Yeah. They are cheap as hell and they taste good.

Person #2: Also it's better than paying seven dollars for a pack of niggaports.
by BakerOrDie123 September 20, 2009
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blind mullet,turd, grogan, nebraska,boree,shit.
Of the free floating variety, found when you go swimming at Bondibeach, Sydney,Australia. The government thought it would be a good idea to pump sewage out to sea, they have sort of fixed it by now pumping it out further, but in a rough sea you may still meet the bondi cigar.
My mate went swimming at bondi beach, and a bondi cigar touched him.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
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Wow check out that yard cigar! Someone had something to celebrate, they sucked the colour out of it and it's white to the roach!
by skemes February 13, 2012
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