a positive response to a question. like yea but with more enthusiasm. A chant to get pumped up before getting crunk.
question, do u want to get crunk? answer, CHYEA CHYEA
by naidad August 15, 2003
A word that agrees with a statement; shows excitement such as an exclamation point.
Student A: We have one day till break

Student B: Chyea!!
by Lawkdown April 28, 2008
a funny and weird way of saying yes or yea.
was it fun??

-chyea it was.
by sillygoomba April 19, 2009
A slang like term introduced to the world by a rap artist named Jay Jenkins widley known as, "Youmg Jeezy".

Ne other fukker that thinks that they noe wat they are talking about is fukkin worng.

Fuck you guys!!!
"I got a dirty mouth, but my kitchen's clean, CHYEA!!!!!"
by Kahlil June 24, 2006
Word used by losers who think its funny or cool... If your are a white teenager you are no meant to say it.. The words yes or yea are sufficient.
I say CHYEA after every sentence.
by Hates little queers September 30, 2006
Chyea Is A Very Simple Word That I Made Up It Is Only Used When Your Excited.`
Ex.Person A: Wanna Go To The Movies Tonite?

Person B: Chyea!
by Passion Isnt My NickName March 22, 2009
only the cool way to say yea, yup, yes, exactly, etc.
chelsea: is that boy hot?
victoria: chyea mayne!
by vicksie June 14, 2008