Example: Did you see thats chick presenting The news last night, damn she was chunting, I would shagg her side-ways, even if she had a wizards sleeve
by Charlie Mcnamara December 8, 2006
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1. A horse or pony of the chestnut coat colour known for their in air acrobatics, swift shoulder drops and general c*nt-iness.

2. The aforementioned chestnut horse or pony who is displeased by all things undertaken with their owner/rider and shows their displeasure with all the fire intensity of a Vindaloo curry.

See also:

"Welsh Chunt" - A horse or pony of Welsh breeding and chestnut coat colour, known for their spicy personality and generally twatting attitude.

"Chunt Mare" - A female horse or pony of the chestnut coat colour, avoid at all costs.
"My showjumping round was going brilliant until that damned Chunt whacked in an extra stride, launched me into space then dumped me against the arena wall!"

"No, no. He's not sore, he's just a Chunt who wants to be featured on shiteventersunite!"
by Gemroeeventing December 16, 2020
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(N.) A short version of the word Chuntaro, meaning a Mexican Wetback or being tacky, Mexican-Style.
(V.) pertaining to Chuntaro.
Not to be confused with chunt pronounced chuh- unt, meaning a fat puss.
" Seriously,... Why does your mom got plastic over all of the couches. It's totally chunty, not to mention my balls keep sticking to it."
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
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Non-chunt 1:Did you see that chunt Jack beyer using the galaxy wrap?
Non-chunt 2: Yeah he's such a chunt
Non-chunt 1: Its not even a good wrap, what a chunt
by Non-Chunt July 29, 2020
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The combination of the names of the two running backs of the Cleveland Browns: Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.
Kareem Hunt is expected to play today. This pleases the CHUNT.
by StanleyBaccano October 4, 2020
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The sexual organ consisting of a vagina and a ballsac
"Dude I was going down on this girl then I saw it..."
"Saw what"
"She had a chunt"
" awww fuck that's nasty"
by Carter Chunt January 10, 2015
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