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The sexual organ consisting of a vagina and a ballsac
"Dude I was going down on this girl then I saw it..."
"Saw what"
"She had a chunt"
" awww fuck that's nasty"
by Carter Chunt January 10, 2015
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(N.) A short version of the word Chuntaro, meaning a Mexican Wetback or being tacky, Mexican-Style.
(V.) pertaining to Chuntaro.
Not to be confused with chunt pronounced chuh- unt, meaning a fat puss.
" Seriously,... Why does your mom got plastic over all of the couches. It's totally chunty, not to mention my balls keep sticking to it."
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
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A short version for Chuntaro... not meaning Mexican Wetback but to call every LATINO a straight up Paisa.. meaning straight tacky from their country!!!
by Monchi December 22, 2004
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A chap or chick who is a cunt that is too cunty to be called just a cunt. The H adds emphasis to their cuntiness; someone who thinks they're too awesome when they're not.
Damn brah, she ate all the good skittles and left the nasty ones. What a chunt.

That dude right thurr thinks his leather chaps look cool. What a chunt.
by jaydolla May 25, 2012
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Charity worker who harasses you on the street for money claiming they are doing a good deed by working for a charity but really they are getting paid to annoy you to meet a quota.
I really don't want those chunts to talk to me, I'm so sick of them
by stahlbar August 15, 2014
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Female equivalent of a choad, a virgina wider than it is deep.
Frank: "I was about to go down on a girl the other night when I saw she had a chunt, I got the hell out straight away 'cause it could have taken my whole face."
Bob: "Looks like the job for a choad then"
by too thin by far September 15, 2010
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A disrespectful, panty-touching plumber.
I returned home from a long day at work only to find a couple of chunts had their way with my panties. You were supposed to fix the tube faucet, chunts.
by deathclit July 26, 2016
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