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Southern California slang for a Mexican unattractive boy or referring to something Mexican.
Doode, that's chunty. Go put that back.
by Samm831 February 16, 2009
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Scottish (north-east) Slang for toilet.
I was thinking of you as i sat on the chunty laying a fat turd.

Chunty-flush - to have one's head put down the toilet and flushed.
by MrAdequate October 12, 2010
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A 20mg tablet of adderall. Twenty = Chunty.

Usually orange in color. Side effects include running of the mouth, increased dehydration, and having incredible and obsurd amounts of fun.
"I just popped 3 chuntys in a row and I feel like my heart's going to explode. Help."
by KingOfArlington February 04, 2010
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