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A chubby person (not morbidly obese) with an attitude, mainly a female. Most females frown upon any use of the "C word"

Use this word during an argument to satisfy anger, while having the pleasure of directing an aggressive word at them.
BONUS: Still able to claim safety of saying no wrong.
EX GF: "Your such an asshole! You never help me with our son, you only think about yourself.
EX BF: "Are you kidding? I come pick him up 3 nights a week after working 12 hrs and watch him every weekend so you can work and have alone time or party."
EX GF: "Hes your son too, so you cant use that as an excuse."
EX BF: "it's not an excuse i love being with him, you realize i only have 2 days alone to myself but really im at work for 12 hrs while you have everyday alone when hes at school plis each night i have him?"
EX BF: "You just enjoy being chunt is all."
by ferocious_snail November 05, 2017
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After a minority has been shot by police, protests are skipped and looting is begun instead
"Hey,JaStool got shot by the po po, lets go get da crew and go shotping for some kicks"
by ferocious_snail September 01, 2020
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