A person, usually a male, who is attracted to other people who are overweight. Similar to a chubby chaser.
Yeah, my brother is a chunky monkey, always chasing fat chicks.
by the other theo June 24, 2004
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originating from the latin chunkis-monkis 1. One who partakes in genererous amounts of food consumption and engages in overt laziness. 2. A fat ass and/or plump gimp, e.g. Sofie R.
"Sofie, leggo my eggo you chunky monkey...ewwww, that's so gross, waffles weren't meant to be eaten in the nude!"
by Lady MacBeth September 10, 2004
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When you walk into the bathroom after a dorm mate pulls a massive crap when air spray is in the vicinity.

/Name of an infamous ice cream
Aww fuck you man, I was gonna take a shit after I peed but you had to make a Chunky Monkey..

/ Hipster: Theres this delicious ice cream flavor called "Chunky Monkey."....
by FromEmbryoToGangster June 15, 2013
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