1) n. A man pretending to be a woman. The conjunction of chic and dude the result of which is a chic-dude or chude. Literally a man-woman.

2) v. prog. The act or process of partnering with a man-woman.
There's this bar downtown that's loaded with chudes.

I'm only a few sakes in and I'm chudin' up already!

by FlyingShark May 21, 2007
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When you are uncertain whether a person is a chick or a dude, this is what they are called.
"Man is that a guy over there?" "naw man thats a chude."
by Phùng Minh Chữ December 28, 2011
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A chick, a female, who looks and/or wants to be or prefers looking like a male, a "dude" - a Chick/Dude...a CHUDE
Did you see that Chude?! I totally loved that mullet!
by grievous angel April 26, 2010
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stop being such a chude and give lara a rimjob.
by ramdong March 28, 2006
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I can't believe it, I found out that the hooker I slept with was really a chude!
by Kkgimp September 16, 2007
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Simple Definition: A chick who looks like a dude.

A woman who would otherwise be pretty but has morphed into a half-man, half-woman person, usually marked by short manly haircuts, men's clothing, wallet instead of a purse, a low unwomanly voice, etc; who commonly confuses people because they can't figure out her gender.
"The FedEx driver who delivered my package this morning was a chude! At first I saw her from behind and I thought she was a dude, but she was most definitely a chude."

Note: This was a true story that happened to me this morning, April 17th 2008. My FedEx driver was a transsexual woman who looked like a man, and I coined the term almost immediately afterward.
by Dr. Brandon V. April 17, 2008
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A chick dude. One who was born a dude but is now a chick.
Did you see that UFC fight the other day between the chude and that other chick?
by Legstarts March 01, 2020
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