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When a guy is turned on, but not quite ready to grab a couch pillow to awkwardly conceal his arousal- an erection that is safe for public consumption- i.e. not pitching a tent, but beginning to feel aroused.
When that girl with that fine ass bent over right in front of me to adjust the spoke nipples on her Fuji bicycle, I chubbed up a bit.
by Spinning Assassin April 15, 2010
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To rub something against your genital area before someone else uses it.
Does your hand smell funny? Since I chubbed your lighter!
by StinkyCheeks October 28, 2010
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means fucked

so you are chubbed meaning you are fucked

"youre chubbed"

your fucked

"imma chubb you"

imma fukk you
by lia ashlee February 14, 2009
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