high yielding fairly potent commercial strain of cannabis, mostly indica
by fatman January 08, 2005
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chronic--- some dank ass high quality weed that will fuck you up for long periods of time, if you find any seeds its not chronic. chronic comes in all sorts ;orenge,red,blue,purple,white ext.
and once you have had chronic you will never be satisfied with shwag or middy
i only smoke chronic so i know what the fuck im talkin about
by smoked out June 16, 2004
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1)a desperation, or inherant craving for that which is desired.
2)on going, long lasting, repititous.. mostly refered to the marajuaina.
- name introduced by west coast crips in early to middle 1990's. often affliated to the marajuaina plant with most potency.
1)this CHRONIC fatigue is killing me.
by THE PERSON TO KNOW November 08, 2005
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High quality marijuana which is then tossed with keif. The result being marijuana which is very sticky when touched as well as having a great abundance of crystals. Commonly after the process of coating it with keif is completed it then is sprayed with RC cola that has been allowed to sit until flat. This causes the crystals to dissolve into the marijuana buds as well as adding a slight flavoring. This process although helpful (as fewer crystals will be lost when you touch it) is not necessary to produce Chronic.

a common misconception is that Chronic is marijuana with cocaine sprinkled on it. Cocaine trading on the streets for 100 dollars a gram for 30% pure cocaine is unlikely to be used on marijuana. When Marijuana and cocaine are induced at the same time the feeling brought about by the marijuana is over powered by that of the cocaine. Further cocaine can not be properly ingested by many of the ways that marijuana is (I.E. a water bong ). for these reasons although possible it makes the thought of ingesting cocaine through marijuana a silly one and at the very least an over priced way of ingesting it.
Roll up that chronic and lets breeze homie.
by Luke November 08, 2005
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When you are already smoking weed and after your done and you want more, this means you have chronics
"Let's toke a sesh.... ( after sesh ) man lets toke some more chrontons."
"Man you got the chronics!"
by Luciano Capasso September 12, 2006
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type of weed....
yo dawg wat u sayin today still u wanna blaze some chronics
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
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