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The love shared and felt amongst the stellar chimers of Chimes Junior Honorary; it is unique to the group for the feelings of companionship, respect, and admiration they have for one another.
I really chove that Chimer.
by Chove endures June 21, 2010
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Derived from the word "Anchovie". Used to describe the female and/or the female anatomy.

Nate went out to the bars looking for some chove.
by Mikey Nieves December 19, 2007
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when a loser from chat falls in love with a fat ugly broad also in chat
evil is in chove with pele, but she dumped his sorry slurpee ass
by porkadelphia1 October 20, 2006
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A fellow employee that one tends to talk to and treat as if they were a friend despite actually disliking them because they are an utter goon.
'There's a new guy that's just started at work. What a chove.'
by a_sell January 06, 2010
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