Chout can stand for several different things. "Check out", "Watch Out", or "Chill out" are the most common. In some circles, this is used as the dominant verb for everything.
Charles: "I think I'm completely broke."
John: "Chout yourself a job."

Bill: "I'm drunk as all hell.."
John: "Chout your life."

"Chout your face."
"Chout me a beer."
"Can I chout a ride home?"
by Mar Rat October 26, 2005
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(noun) -- a penis that is wider than it is long
"The most astounding chout I have ever seen belongs to Eric Romer of Dayton, Ohio. It is quite the specimen!" -- Jim Henson
by d-cup December 12, 2004
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Person 1: I'm so mad! My dog spilled his food all over the floor!
Person 2: Just chout fam you're fiiiine.
Person 1: You're right it ain't really all that bad.
by rowboatcomeheya December 05, 2018
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