1. Used when you dont undestand something
2. Used instaed of saying "w00t?" or "omfg no way!"
1. "Did you see that guy who ran across the street and got eaten by a bird?" "Dang nigga what chou say?"
2. "I got an A+++ on my maths test daddy!" "Dang nigga what chou say?"
by domza March 19, 2005
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1. Slang phrase in Mandarin Chinese for one who believes his or her friends are telling the truth regardless of how ridiculous and preposterous the things they are trying to tell him or her are.

2. One who gives his or her friends bragging rights to exclusively tease them for endlessly searching the Interweb for the definition of phrases.
Stewy: "Hey what does ti ti chou pi yi mean?"
Adeline: "We can't tell you... look it up online!"
Stewy: "Ok. (one hour later) I still can't find it, is it spelled differently? I'm so confused."
Adeline: "muahahahaha"
by the wonderful waffle girls January 14, 2011
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Jasper is uhm a person that you can really love spending time with even tho you h4t3 him. #Chotufou or however you spell
by sophionese March 19, 2021
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It's what you call a mf in discord when they're acting down bad
Damn that dude so Chou Chou
by Cerik November 8, 2021
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The ability to something without rereading the terms and conditions, going against the laws of physics, gravity, science and newton.

The ability to freely express and perform a task without having to listen to anyone’s opinion, especially, the opinion coming from a heterosexual male.

With the only exception being, if your mommy says no then its a no.
So what did you accomplish this year?”
“Oh I Chou Visal Nearyrat this year.”
by nanofish November 4, 2020
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