A famous musician with an extraordinarily unfortunate name.
I love Debussy! Sometimes, all I can think about is Debussy.
by localized3 June 19, 2022
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Claude Achille Debussy

Don't compare to Ravel. Debussy's melodies (or motifs) are superior to most highly influential composers. The reason music took a plunge after Debussy is because no one could do what he had done, and so the contemporary era begun with great rancor and imparity.

Most popular works are "Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune", "Claire de lune," "Jeux de vagues" from La Mer, "Arabesque No. 1," "Reverie," and "La Fille aux cheveux de lin."
Claude Debussy is single-handedly the greatest composer of his time.
by CrazyElephantGuy February 3, 2008
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Used when talking about something you can vibe with or something that you like.
Woah violins are pretty debussy huh?
by Banjo_Bro May 14, 2021
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a famous musician with a shining pink bussy that fans go WILDDDDD for🙌🙌🙌

also can mean pretty person
WOW!! how Debussy are they?!??🥺🥺💨
by debussysbussy June 18, 2021
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Taken from the incorrect pronunciation of Claude Debussy’s last name; Debussy, or Debussification, is the process of transitioning from male to female; derived from the slang term “bussy”, meaning “boy-pussy”- a transgender woman no longer has a “bussy” due to her being a woman, so she has been “debussied.”
“Hey, is she transgender?”
“So she no longer has a bussy? So like… Debussy?”
“Exactly. She has been Debussied”
by Euphoenix May 15, 2022
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French impressionist composer who produced ill-sounding, structure-lacking, melody-absent underdeveloped pieces of insufficient crap.
The impressionist movement single-handedly destroyed classical music.
by moltovivace June 25, 2005
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the fans of debsmikle a funny underrated youtuber.
Debussys are the coolest people on planet.
by roxem1lls August 28, 2022
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