Good Looking and talented artiste emerging having great accomplishments on media.
Have you heard ? Anothey Jay Chou just started his first album !!!
by Jay-Supporter-Forever August 20, 2003
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A school test (almost always a science test, but can refer to random/miscellaneous crap found in pseudo science textbooks). The leading cause of death among junior high school students after extreme humiliation and stress.
"Dude, the new kid's in a coma."
"Was it the fact that he got pantsed during the Honour Roll ceremony, or did he have a Chou test?
by the stalker behind you April 13, 2009
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1. adj. meaning cool
2. used in a simile. someone whos comparable to a cool, good looking, talented n horribly-well-accomplished person in life, has a status high up there, rich, has fan clubs all over the world.
3. noun. god almighty
1. That girl over there is so Jay Chou!
2. "You think you can be as good as Jay Chou?"
3. Let's all worship to Jay Chou! Hail JAY!
by wattayawan June 14, 2004
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being a "chou" or doing something relating to "chou"
Dude, you're such a chou-bag!
by Alex Chou March 22, 2005
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a sex machine that looks like a fish
Oh baby, your such a witton! Get over here mmMHH!
by Witton Chou March 6, 2003
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1. A French expression meaning "My little cauliflower", used as an affectionate term for loved ones, may it be family, friends, partners, et cetera.

2. Your mother
"Ah, mon petite chou-fleur. Beautiful as always."
by Velmi Artrid June 19, 2022
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