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The feeling of euphoria one experiences upon completion of a particularly tedious task.
After I finished painting my apartment, I had the biggest choregasm!
by Choregasmo August 19, 2007
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1) Bringing one's partner to orgasm out of a sense of responsibility after you yourself have climaxed.
2) Masturbating as a regiment of socio-psycho-sexual maintenance.
1)"Yeah, man: Julia's so good in bed that I come during the first five minutes. I usually feel a little ashamed after, though, so I go down on her as compensation. Oh well: a choregasm's better than nothing."

2)"I give myself a choregasm before school to avoid getting an erection during the pledge of allegiance."
by panthill September 18, 2006
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Sucessful completion of the sex act, but only after outrageously exhaustive efforts. Usually used to describe a rather un-satisfying sexual experience which one has been working very hard at achieving and, upon completion, does not think it was worth it.
"Lisa was playing hard to get. I had to take her out six times and spend a fortune on her to get laid, and then all she did was lay there and complain the wholetime. What a choregasm!"
by Frank Klaune November 22, 2003
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extremely happy from cleaning; gets an orgasm from cleaning
I highly enjoy cleaning and get a choregasm from it.
by Jen99 September 08, 2008
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The sound you make when asked to do your chores. Usually a deep moaning noise.
Parent-"Honey, will you please do your chores?"
You-"AAHHHMMMM....(thats the choregasm) can I please do it later?"
by alecengland June 11, 2007
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