the most ghettoest hood in florida located in orlando pine hills a.k.a crime hills
choppa city ghetto man they dont like winter garden dey full of haters and dey needa shut dey mouth before we show dem wat choppa city all about
by ctc chick May 29, 2007
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choppa city iz one of da most dangerous neighborhoodz in washington dc....this neighborhood is mostly anacostia
ayo im finna hed up ta choppa city ta cop me sum brickz
by cyko03 September 29, 2006
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A too big, ugly, and/or dark colored suit.
Wife: Honey wear that suit I bought you for picture day tomorrow.

Son: Sorry, no can do.

Wife: Why not?

Son: I told you already, its choppa city.
by WSHH March 10, 2009
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A gang and basketball team in Salem Oregon, filled to the brim with trill cats.
I went to Salem and saw Choppa city trounce those weak turds over at Stown.
by Frizafraza May 14, 2007
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