Guy 1: Bro I heard that the Viet Congs used chopsticks to assassinate people!
Guy 2: Wait what?! How?
Guy 1: They shoved the chopsticks up their asses
by SomeAsianGuyWannabe April 22, 2020
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A word used to refer to objects with massive amounts of coolness.
That dead fish is chopsticks!
by blii February 19, 2003
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The act of a person shoving two penises in their mouth at once.
Did you see Paris Hilton's new porn? She shoves two cocks in her mouth at once, just like fucking Chop Sticks.
by St. Pierre Holland February 26, 2009
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This mostly happens on a accident and it's only on boys. Its a little act of when you squeeze your balls/testicals with your legs. It Happens! (Happened to me once)
Chop Sticks
by bigbadbear9885 February 28, 2010
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Chopsticks can refer to one of two things:

1) a pair of small even-length tapered sticks, which are generally believed to have originated in ancient China, and are the traditional eating utensils of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
2) a more recent FAD that has appeared to be popular amongst children and young teens is the game of Chopsticks. It is a turn-by-turn based game where each person starts with one finger on each hand. Each turn, the player can either add his finger to one of the opponent's finger's (while keeping their own finger)or move fingers to the other hand. When one hand reaches the number 5, the hand dies but can still receive a finger from the other hand. You can not switch a finger to another hand if it would just result in moving one hand to the other side. For example, if you have two on one hand and three on the other. You can not move one finger and get three on one hand and two on the other. There are 5+ variations of the game so if you want to actually play with someone, you must first discuss the rules, such as remainders, attacking your own hand, who starts, allowed to move fingers, etc.
Do you want to play chopsticks?

Dude, you NEED to learn how to use chopsticks if your going to go eat ramen. It taste so much better with them
by amachi April 05, 2008
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Oldschool raggajungle crew.
Did ya hear that ragga fucking jungle last night?
Yeah, chopstick allways rock!
by MojeMalickost June 17, 2010
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