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Kimoni is a beautiful smart girl and you would love to be around her. She doesn't care about what anybody has to say about her and is not judgmental. She is a very shy person at first until you get to know her fully. You will notice that she is everything you would imagine the perfect friend will be. She can intend to have a lot of boys lining up to meet ger. This girl is always in a great mood and love to be around people to cheer them up.
by KIMONI February 11, 2018
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He is the transcendent of the great being kitoi he is very powerful with his own miniature Afro and is always enthusiastic whenever they work separate they face lots of challenges but together they are the strongest. And like kitoi he is everywhere and anywhere but it's extremely rare to see them together legends say that if you were to look at them both at the same time you would be forever eased from anything and you will have the power to always be optimistic!
Kitoi and Kimoni are the greatest people I've heard of!
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by KitoCorvo May 24, 2018
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