someone that looks like a crackhead. from cody pine.
man mrs.west (aka cookie) is bien a real choog today
by cpine April 28, 2011
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The acidic tainted snot that sits in your nose after vomiting.
Man, do you have a tissue? I've been throwing up all morning from this wicked hangover and I need to clear out all this choog.
by Nikias April 1, 2016
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choog: n. I person who is both a chode and a moog. This insult is a second degree burn to someone because it is calling them two types of assholes at once.
"Tim why dont you sell some more candy bars you choog!"
by spencer bennington January 18, 2006
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A nasty slut or someone who is not well liked.
Liza is a chooge.
Did you see that nasty slut? Ew what a chooge.
by "EY" September 2, 2014
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if you’ve ever seen this word you’ve probably seen choogmuncher79. such a cool guy.
“yo what’s a choog?”

“no idea man, i just know it’s that one guy’s username. choogmuncher79. what a cool dude.”
by kippy September 6, 2022
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by gumpoogle April 3, 2023
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