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a high level person, usually on an online rpg such as runescape, that acts immature because they know they will never have to meet the person their dissing. they also tend to diss people that are one lvl below them...
2: a high lvl that acts noobish in ways such as asking for money
lvl 69: you a noob kid
lvl 68: what the fuck? im one level below you with the same armor and weapons
lvl 69: yea but your such a noob your gay...can i have free stuff?
lvl 68: fuck you choob!
by pot head370 September 02, 2006
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Scottish slang for someone who is an idiot or slightly dim-witted
I'm pure dead brilliant and that man
No youse no, youse a right choob you ken that
by Sir Clive April 14, 2008
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"Choob" is a word used to describe the annoying kids who abuse the anonymity of the internet by harassing others:
Choobs are typically found in online games, chatrooms and messageboards.
"Haha, look at the silly little choob, why isn't he in bed? Its 9pm!"
by eurobob September 10, 2005
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(noun) An idiot, numpty, someone who messes around. Scottish derogitary name, but in occasional cases is used as a term of affection.
Scot1: Look at me, I canz lick my elbow!
Scot2: Look at that eejjit, what a choob.
by President_Choob May 15, 2009
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A combination of the words noob and chocolate, which is used as the highest form of insulting one's honor.
Jon: I've never heard of project M before.
Jeff: What are you? Some kind of choob?
Jon: I must commit harakiri to regain my honor.
Jeff: Go back to Chooberta where you belong.
by Choobie Doobie Doo January 30, 2015
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Flabby chest appendages seen in overweight young boys, which are often a precursor to moobs in later years.

A portmanteau of the words "child" and "boobs".
Shut up there choobs, nobody asked for your opinion!
by MikeDS September 11, 2015
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An online person that is a childish, hateful, obscene, online, brute/brat. a choob is a person in the words of the leader of the ACM, the little kids online that have nothing better to do than cuss you out, challenge your gender, and talk about what they did with your mom last night.
Kirk: i beat you!!
Choob: i beat your mom last night, you @!@#!%^#@$#
Kirk: you are such a choob
by Fatalhitx September 08, 2005
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