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a high level person, usually on an online rpg such as runescape, that acts immature because they know they will never have to meet the person their dissing. they also tend to diss people that are one lvl below them...
2: a high lvl that acts noobish in ways such as asking for money
lvl 69: you a noob kid
lvl 68: what the fuck? im one level below you with the same armor and weapons
lvl 69: yea but your such a noob your gay...can i have free stuff?
lvl 68: fuck you choob!
by pot head370 September 02, 2006

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like a noob, only is usually alot younger and thus a lot more ignorant to obvious facts. they usually follow you around, and click trade with you about 10 times. when you allow the trade, they either put nothing up, hoping for free things, or they put something totally usless up and ask for an insane ammount of money for it.
nooblet: trade! trade!
pot head370: fine what
(trade window opens)
pot head370:..........what????
nooblet: give me something for free, im new so i deserve free stuff
pot head370 declines trade

~or senario number two~
(nooblet puts up empty pot and bucket of water into trade window)
pot head370: what the fuck am i suppost to do with that?
nooblet: give me 5k for it, its rare
by pot head370 September 02, 2006

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stands for dragon dagger super poison, on runescape. you have to have 60+ atk to weild, and u have to have done lost city of zanaris quest. it does awsome damage and pwns noobs by poisoning them first, then owning them with special atk.
me: im a noob want to help me explore the wildy?
other noob: sure (thinking since i dont have a wep out i suck)
i whip out a dds, and two hit him
noob: oh no! a dds! ahhhh! you noob!
by pot head370 September 02, 2006

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a totally stupid person on an online game rpg. they are oftentimes ignorant, dumb, and completly incompatant. in most cases, noobs are frowned apon by the community, as they are a burden and all they do is pester people who are trying to have a good time on an online game rpg. i once met a noob sooo noobish one time, that he couldnt figure out who i was talking to, and when it was me talking...see below
pot head370: ok richie109 go thru that door
cream5: me?
pot head370: did i say cream? no i said richie109.
cream5: wait me? u want me to go thru the door?
pot head370: No, goddammit! i want richie to go thru the door
cream5: ok ill go thru the door u dont have to yell
pot head370: you stupid motherfucker! go up the stairs and leave me alone
cream5: how do i go up the stairs? im lost! help me!
pot head370: you fucking noob!
by pot head370 September 02, 2006

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a person, usually on runescape or neopets, that goes around scamming younge, impressionable noobs out of good things they might have found lying around...for example, i scam noobs on runescape out of pure hatered for noobs.
el stabby (me): hey imadouche109, how much money u got there?
imadouche109: uhh about 200k. i found it in lumby.
el stabby: pfft thats nothing kid, gimme the 200 and ill turn it into 200 million using my magic!
imadouche109: are u sure ur not a scammer?
el stabby: im sure
imadouche109: ok! sure! here u go!
(el stabby takes the money, and logs off)
by pot head370 September 02, 2006

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