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The process of eating a biscuit (particularly Hob-Nobs) badly creating a large quantity of crumbs and making everyone else in the room feel sick. This also applies to the consumption of sandwiches and is particularly relevant where the sandwich contains mayonnaise. 28_F 451_.
Morris is a chompy cunt.
by Bollock-Chops March 04, 2004
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A very retarded person. Used as an adjective to describe someone that is so slow, that someone with the downs can beat them to the punchline.
She didnt get the joke, what a chompy...
by Chompysaurus January 01, 2011
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adj. - describes a person, place or thing that is favorable or positive. Derived from something that is so good you could eat it up or chomp down on it.
"Fort Lauderdale is a chompy place to roam for Spring Break."

"Looks like a chompy day today so I won't need an umbrella."

"That Mr. Kuldau is a chompy teacher - I hope I get him for English this year!"
by Grimsbaugh August 05, 2009
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Something that sounds like it would hurt quite a bit... mentioned in The Fairly Oddparents
Cosmo: What's a chompy? Does it hurt?
by DMJeff24 April 01, 2007
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