In the South American sense, cholo means a person of mixed Native American/Hispanic heritage; a mestizo. The female equivalent is chola.
Alejandra es una muchacha muy hermosa, y Paco es su cholo.
by pentozali August 29, 2008
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In Ecuador, used to describe a person that is low class, has very little education, and ussually very little money. Different from a mexican cholo, it does not imply any gangster behavior. The mexican slang equivalent is a naco. Cholos speak differently than the rest of the ecuadorian population, they mispronounce many words and use their own slang.
Que cholo que es mi chofer! En vez de decir fuiste?, dice "fuistes?"!
by Ma. Belen January 10, 2006
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A subcultural form of Mexicans that were born in the US.
Their behavior is dominated by their ignorant way of speaking spanish and english at the same time, and act like pseudo-gangsters.
A cultural icon that makes the Mexican culture look like a bunch of ingnorant, ghetto and inferior culture, that uses an undeveloped form of language which is vulgarly denominated as Spanglish.
Steve: Look at those cholos, they think they're the shit just by the way they lean.
by Luis C Garinian October 02, 2007
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cholo is a hispanic gang member specifically of chicano heritage.
'ey those cholos are trippin'
by Ponchito CorzΓ³n February 09, 2004
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A Cholo is a Hispanic person with Down Syndrome. They usually drive Crown Victorias that look like police cars. One characteristic of a Cholo is their obsession with spray paint. When not painting gang graffiti under a bridge, they can put it to use as an inhaler. Cholos love to steal and HATE to work. The more illiterate and violent a Cholo acts, the higher his/her ranking and street credit are. Unlike most people with Down Syndrome, a Cholo can breed with almost anything, usually picking a subject of equal but not greater than 60 IQ pts.
Because a Cholo's vocabulary is limited, they use primal signs they flash or "flatch" at each other when one is in another's territory. An audible response or warning of the same degree might sound like this, "Wha choo lookin' at holmes? Dis my hood esse!"
by J. Illuminati August 11, 2008
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one who leans side to side with their elbows up.
cholo-licious, lean like a___, etc
by melanie1111991 August 17, 2007
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A Cholo is a mexican gangster

A cholo is one who is not liked in mexico or the U.S because of the way he acts, dresses, and Walks
"Simon I'm a real CHOLO and if you don't like it Fuck Off!"
by $yco March 03, 2006
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