The word cholo means half breed, like mestizo, only in a more deragatory sense. Used to label Mexicans in the U.S. who neihter fit in with U.S. or Mexican culture, and flamboyently flaunt and take pride in that fact. An extension of Pachuquismo, cholos are hated in both U.S. and Mexico. Our styles have derived from this attitude as a way of expression and identification.
Simon! I'm a cholo y que puto.
by Motecuhzomatzin February 04, 2004
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Slang term used mainly by people from Mexico, used to describe a gangster. Or anyone that dresses like one.
Juan: Hey man, you see that guy?
Jose: Yeah he's wearing Dickies, Chuck Taylor's, And a Blue T-Shirt.
Juan: He looks like a cholo.
by Mijo_Antrax February 21, 2013
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a cholo is a mexican gangsta. it was first used by the spanish as a racist name for indians.
"ese that cholo is doggin me."
"oh no, those cholos will rob me!"
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
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A LATINO gangster not only mexican or mexican american. They are usually born in the US from parents born in Central America or Mexico but also other parts of Latin America or can be themselves from other countries. They have shaved heads wear baggy clothes and have tattos.
The cholos from la mara salvatrucha have tattoos on their face.
by West Coast brown eyes July 11, 2005
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It stands for Chu Only Live Once. Basically its the Mexican version of Y.O.L.O. can also be used as a way to show how Mexican you are.
Calling something by "dame esa chingadera" instead of its real name.

by MiguelZH63 July 15, 2012
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those gangbangers who shoot up them black folk...
ese1-"Hey ese look at them dark people on our corner"
ese2-"yo homes lets shoot that bitch up!"

black dude1-"look at those cholos...i think they do not like us...i sense a bit of anger in the second one"
black dude2-"yes marcus i believe we should go and get 50 with his g-unit, i think that shall scare the buggers away"
black dude1-"what a wonderful plan!"
by Mizzat June 25, 2007
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