"Dang, you ... I sidled up to that biatch and gave him a taste of the ol' chocolate soft serve!"
by Oldie McGrumpenstien November 16, 2005
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When a man or woman shits into their partner's mouth and then proceeds to tickle their partner to cause them to laugh forcing the shit through their nasal cavities and shoot out of their nose, thus creating the effect of a chocolate soft serve ice cream machine.
My girl wanted some desert so I gave her some chocolate soft serve.
by Ingleburt Humperdink October 29, 2007
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A guy sits underneath a chicks asshole as she is about to let out a slimy shit like a soft serve dispenser. You pull her arm down as she shits like its dispensing ice cream into your mouth. She then gets a spoon and eats it out of your mouth.
Hey honey want desert?

Yeah I'm thinking Chocolate Soft Serve.

Sweet me too.
by xXSwaglord6969Xx October 29, 2014
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During the act of sexual intercourse the person will take their colostomy bag off and pour it all over both partners genitals while still having sex.
billy was having sex with sara and he took his colostomy bag off and poured it on both of their genitals giving them both a grammas chocolate soft serve.
by bigCincincy March 14, 2016
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Sexual act where a woman jerks you off (the lever on a soft serve machine) while you release diarrhea from your star fish hole (anus)in her mouth. Jizzing as form of whipped cream optional.
She tugged on my lever while my chocolate soft serve machine dispensed into her mouth.
by d.e.a. August 4, 2007
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