fake school made chicken, which tastes like a mixture of plastic and rubber, between 2 hard bread buns. Usually found in Miami schools
the school was so cheap, they couldnt name their sandwhich a "chicken sandwhich" because no real chicken was used. Instead they put "Chix Sandwing" to clearly explain its either a chicken or a sandwhich.
by kjfijrf November 2, 2007
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A person with a woman's upper body and face and a man's genitalia
Shemale, Ladyboy, T-Girl,Transsexual, Crossdresser, Transvestite
by T'wasnt January 26, 2005
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A cluster of latinas, usually in a large variety. The brown bread-looking ones are typically the favorites.
John: Yo give me some Chex Mix!
Gabe: No meng, I'm saving them for those mex chix over there!
by umitchd February 20, 2007
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Girls who love racing, building cars, wrenching, street racing and taking shit talkers to Gapplebees
Those C2cneckbraker Car Chixs put bus lengths on their competition
by Fastbittthhhh March 19, 2022
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fat chix are bitches who are fat DUH
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
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A common greeting used to greet a group of people, both male and female. The first use of this term originated in Abbottsford Hall at Marquette University. Can also be used to greet a single individual but chix is changed to chic.
"Hey Alex, meet Trish, Sam, Tim, and Margret"
"What up chix!?"

Used singularly:
"Hey Alex"
"What up chic!?"
by Scottsdale503 September 8, 2009
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