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A person who dresses in clothes normally only associated with the opposite gender. A man who dresses in womens clothes is a male to female (MtF) crossdresser, a woman who dresses as a man is a female to male (FtM) crossdresser.

Crossdresser is often synonymous with the term transvestite and both only refer to the clothes a person is wearing without making any comment on which gender the person acts as (this is related to transexuality or transgenderism) or their sexuality.
My dad crossdressed as Marilyn Monroe for the Hallowe'en party.

My son is a crossdresser, he likes to borrow his girlfriend's skirts.
by pfunk_grrl September 29, 2006
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A male or female who wears clothes that are stereotypically worn by the opposite sex.

For women, it is debatable whether in this day an age trousers/pants count as cross dressing.

Cross dressers are often put into the transgender group, however it is important to know that a cross dresser does not necessarily have body or gender dysphoria, and can be perfectly happy with their gender identity assigned at birth.

Most transgender individuals do not appreciate being called cross dressers as they consider themselves, and should be considered by others as the gender they are dressing as.
A transwoman wearing girl's clothes is not a cross dresser, nor is she a man in drag. She's just a woman.

Cross dressing can be a hobby or maybe just a fashion sense. Someone who cross dresses does not necessarily cross dress 24/7.

Cross dressing can also be found to be sexually attractive by some.
Man 1: 'Hey is that a man in a skirt?'
Man 2: 'Yeah I know him at work, he's a cross dresser.'

Woman 1: 'You dress a lot like a boy y'know.'
Woman 2: 'I guess I enjoy cross dressing, no big deal.'

Mulan is a cross dresser.
by hornfels August 28, 2011
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Someone who dresses in clothing and accessories that are meant for the opposite sex. (i.e., a guy wearing a dress and high heels)

Shown in a number of manga series.
Ranma Saotome is probably the most famous crossdresser in the history of anime and manga.
by hanyoucali January 06, 2010
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Someone who wears either items of clothing or complete outfits traditionally associated with the opposite sex. Most people who are called crossdressers are heterosexual males. Most women crossdress, but female crossdressing is considered normal.
1. Man wearing a woman's dress in 1980.
2. Woman wearing pants in 1880.
3. Woman wearing a kilt. (look it up)
4. Not a man wearing a kilt.
by Lim November 25, 2003
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A man who likes to dress up in pretty clothes, little skirts, stockings, make-up, jewelry. We like to dress up as women and enjoy all the things a woman does.
by MICHAEL REHMEYER..... April 21, 2008
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A person who dresses in clothing often designated for the opposite sex. This can be seen in women and men. However, this is not be confused with drag queens/kings. The difference between the two is drag queens/kings strive for a more stereotypical masculine/feminine look whereas crossdressers try to look natural. A male crossdresser is known as a MtF (Male to Female) crossdresser. A female is known as a FtM (Female to Male) crossdresser. This is not to be confused with transgender.

Also different from crossdressers are transvestites, which are people who use crossdressing for sexual pleasure. The term crossdresser can easily be shortened by its initials, CD. When talking to crossdresser, it is easier to refer to them as the sex they are dressed as. Many straight people do crossdressing as well. Anyone of any sexuality, gender identity, or sex can crossdress, crossdressing does not mean a person is gay.
Brandy: Babe, are you wearing my skirt?
Fred: Yes because I'm a crossdresser.
by Bottom Twink June 25, 2016
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