To chirp(s) a girl is too chat them up
you see that girl over there i'm gonna go and chirps to her
by P.Albone (Nox Noctics) October 06, 2003
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The real usage is derived from the walkie talkie feature on phones, but the meaning is broad and encompasses various facets of life.

Scheming on girls/guys: Yea, I have been chirping at her for a while but she won't let me hit it.
Doing stuff: I am way too busy, I will chirp at that later.
Nonsense: I don't give a chirp...She let me see her chirp....Chirptastic...
Basically your imagination is your limit
"Oh the one where I chirp down really hard and then smack you with my chirpies?! "
-Girl referring to a sexual move she does
by Trondaddy January 15, 2009
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dem manz spend all their time tryin to chirps females
by im a g August 16, 2003
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A short squeal emitted from the tires when launching a car or changing gears.
"Dropped her ass off then I chirped out" - Ice Cube
"Yo Bro, I just chirped thrid gear in my Civic" - some ricer
by lammy May 23, 2004
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1.A boost mobile phone wit the walkie talkie feature (white ppl probably jus call dem "walkie talkies"
2. to use the walkie talkie feature of a boost mobile
1. eh nigga u got the new chirp that came out i got a i50

2.im fenna chirp that bitch dashiki right now
by MIMIC/THE MESSIAH March 11, 2004
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•a word that can replace any cuss words
•A nickname for a person who you love
•A nickname for a person u hate
•A person, place, and thing
Ex 1.“Kaitlyn just flipped me off”
Omg she is such a chirp!”
Ex 2. “Noor just brought me brownies, she is a chirp!!”
by Chirpppppppp December 15, 2017
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act of expressing a brief moment of elation
guy 1:did you see the ass on that chick?

guy 2: chirp
guy 1: chirp (at this moment a drifter can be used to emphasize the chirp)
by ctuk April 22, 2010
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