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A plate or platter often served at Aussie BBQ's usually including a combination of potato or rice crisps, and biscuits and at least one, but preferably multiple dips. The most common and the classic chip and dip is Jatz and French Onion dip although recent advancements in the field of dip innovation have seen the introduction of a wider variety of very tasty dips using ingredients previously not found in dip like rocket, basil, parmesan, cashews and beetroot.

It is quite common in the working class suburbs of Australia to be asked to provide the chip and dip if you attend someone else's barbie.
"Do ya wanna come round for a barbie on Friday night?"
"Yeh sure - what can I bring?"
"Oh just some chip and dip."


"Gee you do a good chip and dip Roz. I love that rocket, basil and parmesan."
by Luke.C. May 19, 2008
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