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Any metal whose properties fail to meet the expectations for the role in which it is found, and whose source is probably "Made In China". "
My wrench broke in three places... It must be made of Chinesium!
by sparkycivic June 30, 2016
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An element not found on the periodic table. A crappy metal or plastic substance made in China in the manufacture of ALL Chinese exports.
The only stuff under the Christmas tree this year is Chinesium crap.
by R Vegas July 08, 2010
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A crappy metal made in China that's used in Apple products to ensure that they break just outside of the warranty or when you try to repair them.
I tried opening up my Macbook to fix the logic board but the shitty chinesium screws broke off! Fuck you Apple!
by Zipdox June 16, 2018
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