Any metal whose properties fail to meet the expectations for the role in which it is found, and whose source is probably "Made In China". "
My wrench broke in three places... It must be made of Chinesium!
by sparkycivic March 31, 2016
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The material used in products that guarantees that the product will break within the first week of usage.
Your new iphone case broke? It was probably made of chinesium.
by DirtyDan20xx May 1, 2019
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An element not found on the periodic table. A crappy metal or plastic substance made in China in the manufacture of ALL Chinese exports.
The only stuff under the Christmas tree this year is Chinesium crap.
by R Vegas July 8, 2010
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A type of low quality steel , typically in tools. Most samples are low quality mild steel, or overhardened carbon steel. A good way to tell if an object is made of chinesium is checking the stamp. If the stamp says "H.S.S.", "HSS" or similar and is labeled "Made in China/Taiwan" it is probable chinesium. Another way to see is if it breaks or becomes dysfunctional very quickly.
Damn, that drill bit is dull as heck and it snapped in half... Definitely chinesium.

Wow, look at those chinesium screws. They are already stripped.
by IanTofu January 14, 2019
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A crappy metal made in China that's used in Apple products to ensure that they break just outside of the warranty or when you try to repair them.
I tried opening up my Macbook to fix the logic board but the shitty chinesium screws broke off! Fuck you Apple!
by Zipdox June 14, 2018
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A grouping of Chinese characters, emojies, and other random crap in text fields when something fails to display for any reason on a computing system
I guess my system can't read this. It keeps displaying lots of chinesium.
by wirelesswasabi September 26, 2018
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The materials (generally metals but also parts such as gears, springs, screws, electronics, woods etc) used in manufactoring products made in China. Which vary in performance/quality due to disreputable quality control. Which in turn, leads to the same products potentially being different, and in rare cases, even dodgy.
"I don't understand! We have the exact same gel blasters, why is yours better than mine?"

"Chinesium Alloy mate."

"Fucking budget cuts!"

- Two Aussies in a backyard in Queensland.

"I didn't trust guitars made in china 10 years ago, Chinesium alloy was a major factor back then. Good thing it's changed now."

"This circuit board fried to the shithouse. Hmm. Must be the chinesium alloy."
by Maximus Penetratus January 6, 2019
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