Chinazi is new nazism built and raised in China by communist part of China. Chinazi can be understood as "socialism with Chinese characteristics" in Xi Jinping's thought.
Chinazi ideology and propaganda are being disseminated all over China, and HongKong people are struggling with them.
by DrJope August 24, 2019
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Since 2010s, the People’s Republic of China has implemented re-education camps in the Xinjiang area, with a population of 120,000. The CCP has also been accused of destroying mosques in Xinjiang, to force Muslim in Xinjiang to install spyware in their mobile, arranged for Civil Servant-Family Pair Up, and installed face recognition system in the Muslim community. Those behaviors were criticized as similar to the Nazi Germany.

In 2018, Chinese exiled writer Yu Jie published the book Nazi China, describing what the author sees as the current trend of China's move towards Nazi Germany.
ChiNazi flag being demonstrated in the 2019 Hong Kong protests.
by hongkongers September 24, 2019
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it is a portmanteau of china (being under the techno totalitarian rule of the Chinese communist regime) and the nazis who slaughtered millions. today the chinazis are the armies, the police, the cadres, trolls, and collaborators (consisting of western big tech companies and corporate elites from around the world) of the Chinese communist party.

the chinazis are the successors of the nazis and are today's root of all evil. as similar as the nazis, they are efficient killing machines, masters of torture, purveyors of misleading information and propaganda to dismiss their role as a worsening aggressor and are professionals in hacking and stealing technology but when confronted, they show themselves as the long-suffering victim of conspiracy and attacks by anti-china forces but are also big cry babies when they are hit hard for being bullies. and when some tougher countries would cut them off.

in other words, chinazis are nazis with Chinese communist characteristics.
chinazis are master manipulators and the world's worst offenders for destroying the environment.
by coronauniverse June 14, 2021
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the Chinazis are a group of silly wannabe Nazi Chinese Supremist kids who are constantly plotting to take over the world, and begin the "1st Sino Reich"

dtl88-founder and Chairman
Duzi-co founder and Premier
ChynagongJEW-head concubine(basically Duzis and Kulongs b!tch)
LTY (important member)
Chinese DesertFox
and a bunch of other b!tches with chinese names and stuff

they may be found on

headquarters are the Chinese Nationalist Alliance forum at
Kulong: So what are we gonna do tonight Comrade Duzi?
Duzi: the same thing we do every night Comrade Kulong.....
Kulong: jerk off and cum all over eachothers faces?
Duzi: No we are going to take over th.....wait..your ideas better
by guess again February 13, 2005
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It refers to a group of decentralized Hong Kong protesters who claim to protect themselves against the incumbent China Communist regime.

There behaviors, however, are in the extreme far-right style. Their violence acts in August and September 2019 had, in turn, made themselves look more Nazi-like. Though the term "ChiNazi" was initially used by the Hong Kong protesters, foreign correspondence and news agencies have instead started using ChiNazi to name those radical protesters in Hong Kong .
Pro-Hong Kong rally in DC against ‘CHINAZI regime’ being sponsored with US govt-linked money
by Yue_Lingustics September 25, 2019
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