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it is a portmanteau of china (being under the techno totalitarian rule of the Chinese communist regime) and the nazis who slaughtered millions. today the chinazis are the armies, the police, the cadres, trolls, and collaborators (consisting of western big tech companies and corporate elites from around the world) of the Chinese communist party.

the chinazis are the successors of the nazis and are today's root of all evil. as similar as the nazis, they are efficient killing machines, masters of torture, purveyors of misleading information and propaganda to dismiss their role as a worsening aggressor and are professionals in hacking and stealing technology but when confronted, they show themselves as the long-suffering victim of conspiracy and attacks by anti-china forces but are also big cry babies when they are hit hard for being bullies. and when some tougher countries would cut them off.

in other words, chinazis are nazis with Chinese communist characteristics.
chinazis are master manipulators and the world's worst offenders for destroying the environment.
by coronauniverse June 14, 2021
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the name xitler combines the names of nazi leader Adolf Hitler and xi Jinping, the secretary-general of the Chinese communist party. in reality. xitler is the true name of xi Jinping, who by all means is the successor of the mad man of nazi Germany as being megalomaniac, blood-thirsty and rules with an iron fist to silence dissidents, infiltrate any country that can serve its purpose for the Chinese communist party and by being the supreme imperial leader of anything and everything. xitler like Hitler sees himself as omniscient and omnipotent, and even omnipresent where the ccp, his party extends its tentacles of control into the united nations and to all governments who bow before him.

xitler is the overlord of the wolf warriors, his legion of liars, and the techno-totalitarian ruler of the biggest communist nation, and the grandmaster of the 50 cent army who do his bidding to disinform and misinform the entire world.
all hail xitler the omnipotent one, emperor of the middle kingdom, master of misery, and the greatest successor of mao!
by coronauniverse June 16, 2021
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