The Hong Kong protesters are one of the most righteous people in the world. Having had enough of the Hong Kong government's bullshit, they have decided to take to the streets, practically unarmed when compared to their opponent.

However, the Hong Kong government cannot tolerate them, and have pulled out the big guns, like tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

During one battle, they have been trapped at the Polytechnic University, in Kowloon for many days. During which, there were several cases of police brutality, but they have not given up, with many other protests that happened even after this incident.
The Hong Kong protesters are so brave!
by Liberate Hong Kong May 14, 2020
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A peaceful protest in HongKong that started in June of 2019, that seeks to stop the extradition bill. The event is still ongoing, and the protest has turned violent due to the police doing violent acts that violate human rights.
Mark: Have you heard about what the police are doing against the protesters in the Hong kong protest.
by FreeHongKong October 02, 2019
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The bravest people in the world. They are armed with nothing more than molotov cocktails but have to face off against an array of lethal weapons
Dude, the Hong Kong Protesters are braver than our army!
by LiberateHKRevolutionOfOurTimes December 31, 2019
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One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Mandela’s adversaries labeled him a terrorist but history has recorded him as an anti-apartheid hero. Young black-clad Hongkongers hurling petrol bombs are not rioters. They (Hong Kong Protesters) are freedom fighters fighting for the freedoms promised them. Mainland media and some local commentators have even accused the protesters of looting, which is a bald-faced lie.
(By Mr Michael Chugani on 7 November 2019)
by The World Stand with Hong Kong September 09, 2020
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An ongoing event in Hong Kong that originated from the extradition bill. Citizens are often dressed in black, shouting various slogans as most of them march peacefully on the streets, fighting for democracy and freedom. As of October 3rd 2019, the police had permanently blinded 2 individuals, arrested first-aiders, shot a teenager that resulted in a punctured lung and many more
Heard during the 2019 Hong Kong protest
Person 1: five demands

Person 2: not one less

Person 1: Libertate Hong Kong

Person 2: Revolution of our times

Person 1: Stand with Hong Kong

Person 2: Fight for freedom
by glorytohongkong October 02, 2019
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Hong Kong Protesters, otherwise known as Honkers . They are a group of protestors (babies) who fight for no reason, they have no clue what they are fighting for, and if angry, they would hit a police officer. If the police officer rebels, or even touches them, they shall fall over and cry and scream in pain.
Did you see those Hong Kong Protesters, I can't believe they are in their 20s, yet they all have a maturity level of a three year old.
by Earth person 1212 October 02, 2019
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