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Secretly a liberal-loving, tree-huggin hippy.
"Oi! Cowen! Go kill yourself."
by guess again March 19, 2005
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the Chinazis are a group of silly wannabe Nazi Chinese Supremist kids who are constantly plotting to take over the world, and begin the "1st Sino Reich"

dtl88-founder and Chairman
Duzi-co founder and Premier
ChynagongJEW-head concubine(basically Duzis and Kulongs b!tch)
LTY (important member)
Chinese DesertFox
and a bunch of other b!tches with chinese names and stuff

they may be found on Asiafinest.com/forum

headquarters are the Chinese Nationalist Alliance forum at www.theasf.net
Kulong: So what are we gonna do tonight Comrade Duzi?
Duzi: the same thing we do every night Comrade Kulong.....
Kulong: jerk off and cum all over eachothers faces?
Duzi: No we are going to take over th.....wait..your ideas better
by guess again February 12, 2005
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