1) When someone is over reacting.

2) When someone says something that can and will offend someone without giving a fuck.
1) "Hey Makayla did you turn in the homework assignment we had?"
"Oh shit I forgot! Now I'm gonna get an F on the assignment and ruin my A average and get kicked out of the course and then have to go to summer school and repeat a grade if I don't finish and then flunk out of school and then colleges won't want me because I'm a stupid repeatee so I won't get a degree and'll have to work at McDonald's for the rest of my life or become homeless and live in a box and turn crazy and be driven to heroin by my struggle and then die in my early 40s in the middle of the street. No one would be able to identify me though because of how much the heroin messed up my body. They would just pick up my body and bury me in some random ditch in front of a church."
"(ಠ_ಠ) The fuck?...wha-?... Makayla, you have no chill."

2)"Hey guys, what do you think about moving to New York after highschool?"
" Nobody would want to move to that dump of a city. Its population consist of half Niyada hopeful wannabe broadway show ponies and other half very persistent all-up -in-your-face give-me-money-now homeless people. And the air, it's just a concoction of rat feces, street corner Chinese takeout kitchen gas, and illicit cocaine that you have to breathe every second of the day. 😒"
"😦No New York then.... No chill, Taylor"
by JessimoRW August 27, 2016
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A feeling you may get down your spine when you have an intense emotinal reaction to a song. This happens when you hear a dramatic climax in music. AKA eargasm.

Feels like not only your ears too, but the hair on your body can hear the song.
He's amazing, especially in this song. I get chills everytime I hear it.
by bigDee May 20, 2005
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1) a synonym for cool/dope/sweet (i.e. thats so chill)
2) a synonym for "hang out" (i.e. let's chill)
3) a synonym for "no thanks" (i.e. umm...I'm chill on that)
4) smoking pot (i.e. wanna chill during lunch?)
5) you need to calm down (i.e. you need the chill the F out man)
6) being intoxicated by marijuana and/or being relaxed (i.e. i am so chilled out right now)
7) yes, that sounds good (i.e. Matt: Want to iceskate? Sam: thats chill dude)
8) something that is cold (i.e. there is a chill to the air)
9) stayting in (i.e. Jamie: Want to get wasted tonight? Kyle: nah man I'm just going to chill tonight)

Just remember, some of these phrases are quite similar if not exactly similar, so your tone of voice is essential when using this word.
all the examples of chill are next to the corresponding definitions above
by ladi-dodi March 11, 2007
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an adjective used to describe someone who you think is very cool, someone you'd like to spend time with. is generally used with a preceeding adverb, such as very, pretty, definitely, etc.
She is definitely chill; I'd like to be with her.
by David January 13, 2005
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unrelaxed or hyper, but a slang way of saying it
man,(insertnamehere) has no chill
by infarrt December 4, 2016
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A term often used by males to manipulate a female into hanging out with him when his real intention is to have sex with her. Also a code word for sex. Commonly used when a female gives a male her number and when he calls her, asks her to chill with him without knowing much about her yet which shows his true intentions is to really have sex.
1: "So shorty, why won't you give me that number so we can chill sometime?"

2: "No thanks. I got a man."

1: "A bitch don't care. What does he got to do with me?"
by m-t-a July 2, 2006
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(v) the act of smoking weed and or under the influence of weed.
Yo Ryan you chill right now, your eyes look fucked up.
by Bob Connersfield March 10, 2009
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