Free from prior obligations along with enough motivation to take the neccessary steps in which to engage in sharing ones time with a friend or colleague.
"Dude, are you chillable?"
by Jono Stupica January 11, 2007
1. Something that you can chill to.
2. Something that gets you relaxed.
3. Somebody thats cool to chill with.
1. ''Yo, that song was mad chillable.''
2. ''Seriously man, that pill was chillable.''
3. ''You know my homie Alex, now hes chillable.''
by Gabriel Thomas June 8, 2007
level of chill, how chill something is
level of chillability in this joint is bout a 5 out of 10
this place is a 10 on the chillability scale
by kingofsd April 30, 2007
super-cheap Franzia "wine" with natural flavors. In other words, if you're looking to move up from the Boone's Farm High School schtick, here's your gateway drug of choice. Eventually, you can move up to a respectable merlot.
Sarah filled up her 40oz 7-11 with the chillable and we didn't see her for a week. Damn lush.
by medaeval December 26, 2003
The measure of a persons ability to remain supremely cool, calm, and collected. Chillability can range from low to high.
I’m looking to see some high chillability from you right now 😎
by Shanalan April 17, 2019
The ability to be chilled with.
"We'll the girl hes with now is less pretty." Person 1

"Yeah, but i think he sacrificed looks for chillability" Person 2
by arosebud_24 December 24, 2010