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A synonym for paedophilia. Typically used by paedophile activist groups. The word results from the English trainslation of paedophilia - the word "child" comming from Greek "paedo"/"pais" and "love" coming from "philia".
Paedophilia felt towards girls is typically referred to as Girl Love, while paedophilia towards boys is referred to as Boy Love. Paedophiles who use these terms often refer to themselves as child lovers, girl lovers, or boy lovers. This is usually meant to describe the sexual attraction by itself.
John Smith prefers to call his paedophilic attraction child love rather than paedophilia
by Tegeth August 27, 2006
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A morally-neutral term to describe a romantic, emotional, and/or sexual attraction to children by adults. It has a similar meaning to pedophilia, but is intended not to share the clinical, psychiatric meaning or stigma of the word pedophilia.
There have been childlovers in all parts of history.
by Seth M. January 14, 2007
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